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Institute of Directors, Director of the Year awards

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Mike in Leeds

Mike Beckett on his way to the Director of the Year awards

Yesterday was a great day, attending the Institute of Directors, Director of the Year awards at the beautiful Aspire venue in Leeds on Thursday 8th of  September 2011.

It was back in 2010 that I joined the Institute of Directors, having decided to embark on their Continuing Professional Development by studying at Leeds Business School, which is part of Leeds Metropolitan University. In July 2011 the Institute of Directors notification arrived, which said that Mike Beckett was to be awarded a Certificate in Company Direction, with Distinction.

So it was a real honour for me when yesterday Barbara Colledge, the Dean of the Faculty of Business & Law presented me with the certificate. The Yorkshire and Humber Regional Director of the IoD, Kenton Robbins, introduced me to receive the award with some very kind words, saying “Cllr Michael Beckett from Caring for Business Ltd is a promising young entrepreneur of whom we are expecting great things”. On a personal note the best part for me was that my wife and parents were able to be present to witness this.

Mike and Cal at Aspire York with certificate of Company Direction just recieved

Mike Beckett's delight at receiving the Institute of Directors Certificate in Company Direction, with Distinction.

Nick Beech, the Principle Lecturer, from Leeds Business School at the Lunch told me that over the last 10 years of running the course, they have had just 7 students achieve a Distinction on this course. This reminded me of the economic principle that rarity enhances value! The IoD programme has a strategic focus on the development of high performance boards. As a cross sector leader I have found the course beneficial in improving  standards and practise in achieving KPI outcomes  and this has demonstrated to me its value as an investment of time and money.

The awards winners were Hayley Erner of High Flyers Business Coaching Ltd was awarded the Business Advisor of the year (sponsored by ABDN), for impressive achievements in increasing the size of client businesses.  Gareth Barker from Sheffield Forgemasters was awarded the Young Director of the Year (sponsored by Totally Exec) for leading an efficiency drive in making the business profitable. James Lambert from R&R Ice Cream received a Lifetime Achievement award  (sponsored by Grant Thornton). Kenton had earlier said that as an austerity measure there was no desert today, so James raised smiles from everyone by agreeing to provide ice cream for next years event. Peter Roberts of Pure Gym, providing no-nonsense budget gyms, received the Judges Special Award (sponsored by The Insurance Partnership). Christopher Hopkins of Ploughcroft was awarded Small & Medium Size Enterprise Director of the Year award (sponsored by The Alternative Board) for growing his business and for innovation in solar roofing technology. Christopher has also receiving support from an encounter with the Dragons Theo and Deborah from Dragon’s Den.

The finale was the award to Lawrence Tomlinson of the LNT Group which is ranked 28th in the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 Companies. He was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year and followed this us with the award for overall Director of the Year 2011 (awards sponsored by Leeds Business School and Welcome to Yorkshire). Congratulations Lawrence, well done. I hope he goes on to have a Yorkshire win for us all in the National Director of the Year competition, happening later this year in London!

11 Responses

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  1. Thank you Mike for inviting us to this prestigious event. Congratulations on your certificate with a distinction. Well done you.

    Rosalind Beckett

    2011/09/09 at 20:56

    • It is always a pleasure to see you guys *grin* thank you for your support and making the time to attend.

      Mike Beckett

      2011/09/10 at 15:50

  2. Very good my dear friend.. so proud of you. congrats on your certificate of distinction.. very well deserved..
    very cool ..you ROCK .. 🙂
    your friend in the states Laura Novak


    2011/09/10 at 12:05

    • Company Direction, like all strategic leadership is required and I enjoy it, the Distinction was an unexpected bonus! thank you Laura.

      Mike Beckett

      2011/09/10 at 15:51

  3. Go you Mike! It’s always good to have successful friends so it’s good to know that you are busy being successful.

    Lord Matt

    2011/09/10 at 12:09

    • Well Success breeds success, I wish you every success also, Implementation is the key and planning tomorrows to do list today helps people achieve.

      Mike Beckett

      2011/09/10 at 15:53

  4. Congratulations and thank you for following me on plus.google. I welcome your thoughts on business and industry outcomes from wikileaks, arab uprisings and english riots (which all have internet policy and practice implications.)
    We share interests and perhaps we will do something great together. I used to be the NYC president of the National Association of Corporate Directors and launched my approach to corporate governance in 1994 at Oxford Univ’s international conference of social values for business and education.
    Webgovernments Leadership commented: “june klein, this is a remarkable effort to get Americans back to work.” http://www.webgovernments.com/blogs/147/blogdetail/ Am pursuing my job/economy solution also in the UK… where riots are somewhat a byproduct of unemployment and economy.

    June Klein

    2011/09/11 at 18:44

    • June Klein, CEO of Technology and Marketing Ventures Inc., (TMVi) a pleasure to virtually exchange with you, thank you for your comment. It has given me food for thought and I think is well worth a Googleplus post in itself. I think social and economic engagement is a factor that if increased would diminish the propensity for rioting behaviour to spread. Your proposal seems imaginative and if the details of any such law were well drafted to be accessible and workable for small business then this could be an effective stimulant to keep struggling business capitalised and people being socially and economically engaged with constructive activity is better for society, the public purse and individuals making an entrepreneurial difference.

      Mike Beckett

      2011/09/12 at 02:54

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